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          The Newsletter from Our Lady of the Piedmont Hermitage

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Some (many?) years ago as new CPE students we were tasked by our facilitator to describe
God. We all, without any excep#ons, began to come out with such things as, “God is Love or
God is Omnipotent.” These were and still are our frail human a*attempts to describe the
How do we describe an ever crea#ng force of total love, a force that we mere mortals cannot
begin to understand on our own, a force that we feebly call “God.”
That is why there is Jesus, Jesus the Christ. Whether we subscribe to the Aquinas/Anslem of
Canterbury school of blood expia#on on the Cross or the Bonaventure/Dun Scotus school that
the Incarna#on is the culmina#on of God’s plan of Crea#on, the fact s#ll lies that we have a God
who is fully God yet fully human to relate to. He is a God who has experienced all that we have
yet without any sin. A God that we can follow.
In these #mes that we are living in we are faced with ever new ever-growing a*acks on our
Chris#an way of life. The basic tenets of morality, of decency, of the core beliefs of our way of
faith are being challenged in a way that man has not faced since the #me of the Fall of Rome.
The internal core of our society has digressed to nothing more than a self-centered display of
hedonism. We have an extremism in our political system that we have never experienced
Today, in these #mes, we have the Neo-Marxist le9 who are hell-bent on destroying
Chris#anity. From their beginning a9er World-War I to now their goal is to remove Chris#anity
as the major block to their agenda. On the other hand, we have the far-right approach where
we have to be careful to remember that both the Lutheran and Roman Catholic churches
signed on to Hitler and the Nazis as protectors of the faith against the far-le9 Bolsheviks.
Neither way follows Christ. Neither way follows God.
God is Love! St. John tells us in 1 John 3:11, “For this is the message which you have heard from
the beginning, that we should love one another.” We cannot love one another if we are too busy
either tearing down Christianity or circling the wagons attemptng to ossify it.
We all, without exception, from time to time forget that this life is just the beginning, just the school of life and that our true life is with God not with some transient political way or figure.

St. Benedict realized this truth and we all have a way, an example of a way of life through the following of his Rule.  We don’t have to be a monk, a religious brother of sister to use this marvelous tool of a life of balance, a life centered on prayer, study and work, a life of stability, a life of obedience to God and a life of ongoing conversion.


Today is the time.  Tomorrow may be too late.


+Peter OSB



Around the Hermitage The garden is in and looking good.  We had to wait because of the cooler weather this year. Hopefully, this will help augment our grocery supply as well as provide for donations.  We are concentrating on the basics this year, tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, and zucchini as well as pole beans and herbs. We hope this year will be a better growing one.  The excessive rains we have had the last few years hurt our efforts.


BCOS Annual Chapter was held via Zoom on June 2nd.  We elected the same officers to lead us for another year.  We will continue with quarterly Zoom meetings for support, fellowship, and communication.  Our next meeting is on the second Tuesday of September.


Recruiting is our big effort this year. Beginning with the Provincial and Diocese Synods in Atlanta in July we will be making an all-out effort to attract those who feel a call to the religious life.


May your Summer be good, safe and blessed.




    BCOS Cycle of Prayer


    Mondays:        Bp Chad SSC

        Br Charles OSB

    Tuesdays:        Sr Corydon OSB

        David Neff OblSB

    Wednesdays:   Fr Mark OSB

        Fr Michael Peter OSB

    Thursdays:       Bp Peter OSB

        Sr Phoebe Elizabeth OSB

    Fridays:  Br Thomas Bartholomew OSB

     Please add this cycle of prayer to your individual daily cycles.


    It will be planting time soon here at the Hermitage.  We are planning to expand our garden area this year.  This will allow us to be able, hopefully, to have a better excess to donate.

    Speaking of donating, we were able, thanks to some that were generous, to meet our goal for Mary’s Meals for last year.  We hope to repeat our goal again this year.


    Chapter and Retreat:

    As we wander into another year smitten by the Covid virus, it again does not seem we are going to be able to convene an “in-person” Chapter and retreat for the foreseeable future. The Monastery of the Holy Spirit is still on shutdown as are seeming all other feasible places for us to meet. We will continue to monitor the situation.


              Peter OSB/Cn