Daily Offices

Current Ordo

"Let nothing be preferred to the Work of God."
The Rule of St Benedict, Chapter 43.3

Which Daily Office Book do we use?

The short answer is that we use our own. The longer answer is that we use:
   The 1928 Book of Common Prayer
   Our own Psalm Scheme
   A Daily Lectionary to guide us as to the Psalms and Scripture verses to use.

But, the even longer answer is that since we are all dispersed, we pray the Office from a Breviary of our choice. See the wonderful article on Prayer Books in this section.
When we are together at our annual meetings or other gatherings we pray the Offices as outlined above.

How many of the "Hours" of the Daily Office do you pray? 
   The Monastic Day consists of the following hours: Matins (a night office); Lauds; Prime; Terce; Sext; None; Vespers; and Compline.

   We try to pray as many of the monastic hours as we can but most of us pray five of the eight hours, i.e.:

        Matins and Lauds are combined. (Morning Prayer)

        Sext (Noonday Prayer)

        Vespers (Evening Prayer)

        Compline  (Complete the Day)