Our Communities:
A Community consists of two or more professed members within a specified geographic area and conforms to the Rule of St. Benedict as adapted by our Constitution.  Communities may include Professed Members, Novices, Postulants, Aspirants and Associates but must consist of two or more professed members.  Each Community is independent and the Superior is the senior professed member.  Each Superior is a member of the Superiors' Council.

Currently we have two Communities:

Community of Our Lady of the Piedmont- North Carolina
Community of Our Lady of Sorrows - Atlanta, Georgia area
Members not in a Community:  Members not in a geographic community will be considered part of the Community of Our Lady of the Piedmont, a non-geographic and dispersed community.

Get Involved
How Can I Be Involved?

                                 By coming along -
The Benedictine Congregation of Our Saviour welcomes all who seek a closer walk with God. Newcomers are warmly invited to join local lectio groups, and come to our events to find out more.
By being an Associate -
Associates of the Benedictine Congregation of Our Saviour are people who support the work of our Order and are interested in exploring St. Benedict’s Rule yet do not wish to commit themselves to vowed membership. Associates are men and women, lay or ordained, married or single and of any Christian denomination who wish to identify themselves with the life of the Community and to share in its worship and intercession as fully as possible according to the varying circumstances of their lives.
Associates are invited to share in the Community's life through regular Eucharistic worship, daily prayer and bible reading; by expressing concern and compassion for the needy, reverencing God's world; by setting aside regular times for retreat or days of quietness and, where possible, meeting together periodically with the local community.
Associates will receive regular news from the local community, and are invited to join our Prayer Circle, as well as being welcomed at meetings and events.
For more information about being an Associate, please contact us at:  vocations@bcos-osb.org
By becoming a Member of the Benedictine Congregation of Our Saviour  - Perhaps you have a vocation (calling) to become a vowed Member.  
Contact us to discuss this possibility - vocations@bcos-osb.org